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Verizon Pushes DROID Pro Update Out

The Motorola Droid Pro isn’t exactly the most sexy or coolest member of the DROID product family, but it does get the job done. So I was surprised yesterday when I pulled out my Pro to see that there was a software update available from Verizon.

The update, who’s official name is 4.7.3XT610.Verizon.enUS, is only a minor maintenance update rather than a full Google Android software upgrade.

This update addresses:

  • Improved security with DigiNotar security patch.
  • Device is enabled with the Wireless Alerting System. 
  • Device will no longer lockup or reset after an Over the Air update. 
  • Device will no longer automatically power on after it has been powered off. 
  • Pressing the spacebar key will no longer cause the device to lockup. 
  • Improvements to keyboard backlighting. 
  • Smart Forwarding will no longer cause forwarded messages to remain in the Outbox.

I’m glad that Verizon and Motorola have figured out a fix for OTA updates, because, well, 4.7.3XT610 is kinda an OTA update, so that’s progress, right?  I’m also glad to see Verizon and Motorola pushing out an update that improves the performance of the Pro’s keyboard.  Pressing the spacebar key should not hang up your phone, it’s never happened to me, but the backlighting on my phone was always a bit schizophrenic.

And, any software update from Verizon wouldn’t be complete without some new bloatware, so Big Red has thrown in new versions of their V CAST and VZ Navigator apps.  I’m not sure why anyone is still using Verizon’s GPS navigation software when Google Maps and Google Navigation work well and don’t require the extra cost of an additional service on your monthly bill.

Anyway, you can read the official change log and directions on how to upgrade your Droid Pro on the Verizon website.

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iOS 5.1 Improved Battery Performance on My Sprint iPhone 4S

Since applying the iOS 5.1 software update on my iPhone 4S (Sprint) back on March 7, I’ve noticed much improved battery performance.  While I still can’t go two days without having to recharge, I can go a day and little bit before I have to share up again.

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Sprint announces the ZTE Fury, available March 11th for $19.99

I just saw this over at BGR, it looks like a new, super low cost Android smartphone is coming to Sprint in the very near future.

“Sprint on Wednesday announced the “family-friendly” Android-powered ZTE Fury. This entry-level handset features a 3.5-inch capacitive display with a 1GHz single-core processor and Android 2.3 Gingerbread. 

“Providing affordable, Android-powered devices, like ZTE Fury, in our lineup helps give families the tools and information to better manage their wireless usage while still providing the style and functionality they need to keep up with their busy lives,” according to David Owens, Sprint’s vice president-Product Development.”

The ZTE Fury will sell for $69.99 with a qualifying service plan, and will be $19.99 after a mail-in rebate.


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iPhoto ’11, iBooks Author Get Updates

As part of this week’s massive Apple product rollout, a pair of Mac OS X applications also received updates: iPhoto ’11 and iBooks Author.

iPhoto only received one update, but I think it will be a very popular one, the ability to delete a photo from the Photo Stream.  iDevices running iOS 5.1 also have this ability.

iBooks Author received updates in two areas.  The first is support for iPad 3’s (ok, Apple calls the new iPad, “the new iPad”) new Retina display.  The other area is performance and stability updates.

All in all, it’s been a nice week for the Apple fan club.

Both apps are available from the Mac App Store.  iPhoto ’11 9.2.2 is a free update to customers who previously purchased the software.  If you need to buy iPhoto ’11, it can be purchased for $14.99.  iBooks Author is free.

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Rovio Releases Angry Birds Seasons – Cherry Blossom Festival

Our favorite ticked off birds are back at it again with Rovio’s Cherry Blossom Festival, the latest installment of Angry Birds Seasons.

Angry Birds Seasons is available now for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as a free update to current owners. If you haven’t purchased Seasons yet, you can purchase the iPad edition for $1.99 or the iPhone/iPod touch edition for $0.99.