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BlackBerry Tip: Erasing the Calendar

I stumbled across a great tip today while testing out a new Exchange 2007/BlackBerry Enterprise server sync solution.

I needed to clear out the calendar on my BlackBerry Storm2, but I didn’t want to have to hard reset the device.

Turns out that there is a secret command of sorts that will allow you to clear out the BlackBerry calendar database without having to wipe the phone.

Note: The BlackBerry smartphone must be running BlackBerry Device Software 4.5 to 5.0 to perform this task.

  1. Open the calendar application on the BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. Press the Menu key and highlight Options.
  3. Select the calendar to be reloaded, e.g. “Desktop” for a BlackBerry Enterprise Server enabled BlackBerry Device.
  4. With the calendar highlighted type rset on a QWERTY keyboard or ER,ER,AS,AS,ER,TY on SureType.
  5. Click Yes when asked to reload the specific calendar to continue.

You can read the full Resarch In Motion article on the BlackBerry support website.

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Oh No! I Have A "Dead" iPad!

I got home from work last night and grabbed my iPad to catch up on what has been happening while I was toiling way at work.

I started checking email, Twitter, and a few websites.  Everything was fine.  Then disaster struck!  I pressed the Power button to turn off the screen and take care of a few things.  I came back about 5 minutes later to check the weather and I couldn’t wake up iPad!

I was finally able to wake the iPad up from it’s deep sleep by pressing and holding the Power button and the Home button simultaneously for about 10-15 seconds.  I was greeted by the white Apple logo and then a few seconds later the password screen appeared and I was able to start using my iPad.

Knock on wood, I’ve never had a problem with my Apple hardware, so I was a little surprised that my iPad decided it was on a break.  I knew the battery was at 76% so it wasn’t like the battery was so low that it wouldn’t turn on.  I tried pressing and holding the Power button, pressing the Power button in rapid succession, pressing the Home button, connecting the iPad to my MacBook Pro, and even letting the iPad charge up for 10 minutes.

While I was troubleshooting I was having images of having to trek down to a “local” Apple Store a good 45-60 minutes away and then having to deal with the sea of people in the store to get to the Genius Bar to have someone look at my iPad.  Luckily for me, things weren’t that bad.

The moral of this story, is that you should keep a level head, and try troubleshooting before having to call Apple.  If you need troubleshooting tips, manuals, or other support options for your iPad, you can visit the Apple iPad support website.  Need help with a different Apple product?  Visit the full Apple support website.

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Rumor: iOS 4.3, Periodical Subscriptions Coming in December

It seems like just yesterday Apple rolled out iOS 4.2.1 to bring a number of new features to the iPad and refinements to the iPhone 4, both models of iPhone 3, and recent model iPod touch handsets.  Oh!  Wait!  It was just yesterday!
But today is a new day, and with it came new rumors that Apple is already at work on iOS 4.3 which is rumored to have enhancements for AirPlay will feature a new set of application program interfaces, or APIs, that will support a new type of for pay subscription system for digital periodicals, like New Corp’s “The Daily” digital only “newspaper.”
It is also rumored that Apple will make some noise with this update and will hold a media event.  This is where things can get a little bit sketchy.  According to an article that appeared on today, a source indicated that Apple had planned to have iOS 4.2 out within the first two weeks of November, with a public announcement and release of iOS 4.3 about a month later in the first half of December.  It is not clear what impact the discovery of a Wi-Fi bug in iOS 4.2 will have on the iPad maker’s plans for iOS 4.3 within the first fifteen dates of December.
What will happen between now and when we close the book on 2010 is anyone’s guess right now.  Be on the look out for an Apple media event on or about December 9 and for iOS to start hitting iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches on or about December 13.
Personally, I’m looking forward to a digital daily news paper, and will try out News Corp’s “The Daily” for about $4.25/month.  I’m also still looking for digital subscriptions to the paper magazines that I already subscribe to.
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How To: Upgrade to iOS 4.2.1

Apple’s iOS 4.2.1 software update that was rolled out today is a nice tweak for iPhone and iPod touch users already running iOS 4.0 and a huge leap forward for iPad owners.  This guide is intended to help you make the jump to the latest iOS release for current model iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Step 1: Install iTunes 10.1 on your Mac or Windows PC if you haven’t already done so.  (Use the Apple Software control panel to check for the iTunes software update.)
Step 2: Connect your iDevice to your computer to sync your data and back it up.
Step 3: Select your iDevice from the iTunes “Source” list.
iTunes 10.1 Devices Source List
Step 4: Click the Check for Update button.
Click the Check for Update Button
Step 5: Click the Next button to begin the upgrade process.  Follow the on screen directions.
Click Next to Begin the Install Process