PDT 6.2 Sync Journal – Day 3

I’ve done some more testing, and it is becoming clear that to sync with Palm Desktop, the device must meet the two following conditions:

  • Be a Palm-branded device running Palm OS 5.2.1 or later
  • Be a Palm-branded device with the Palm enhanced PIM applications (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Memos)

The Palm Treo 600 smartphone is the exception to this rule. It runs Palm OS 5.2.1, but it does not use the Palm enhanced PIMs.

If you have an older Palm-branded device, the Treo 600, or some other Palm OS device that runs Palm OS 3.5 or later, you can use HotSync Manager 7.0.2 to sync your device with Microsoft Outlook only.

The following my list of tested devices and their sync status with Palm Desktop 6.2.2. Devices listed as Working should have no problems synchronizing PIM data with Palm Desktop 6.2.2. Devices listed as Outlook Only will only be able to sync data with Microsoft Outlook.

Palm OS 5.4.x Devices

  • Palm Treo 700p – Working
  • Palm Treo 650 – Working
  • Palm TX – Working
  • Palm LifeDrive – Working
  • Palm Tungsten T5 – Working

Palm OS 5.2.x Devices

  • Palm Tungsten T3 – Working
  • Palm Tungsten C – Not Working; Outlook Only
  • Palm Tungsten E – Working
  • Palm Tungsten T2 – Not Working; Outlook Only

Palm OS 5.0 Devices

  • Palm Tungsten T (m550) – Not Working; Outlook Only
  • Sony Clie NZ90 – Not Working, Outlook Only

6 thoughts on “PDT 6.2 Sync Journal – Day 3

  1. Hi, I recently bought a Palm TX. It hotsyncs everything from Outlook execpt email. I’ve tried all possible variations in the account set up. What could possibly be wrong? I have versamail 3.1c and outlook 2003 on a windows XP machine. Look forward to any help at all!


  2. Hi Alan:Thanks for your revert. How do I configure versamail to talk directly to my mail server? I have already configured the pop and smtp settings based on my gmail specifications.Alternatively how do i set it up to read my outlook pst file?Thanks aagaain


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