1SRC Podcast 144

On this week’s 1SRC Podcast, I cover:

  • Palm releases the Windows Mobile 6 update for Vodafone’s European Treo 750v customers.
  • No new updates on the Palm Foleo or Centro.
  • Should the Foleo be a stand alone product ?
  • 1SRC Editorial: Mobile Linux – The Key to Interoperability.

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Windows Mobile 6 Update for Treo 750v

Palm has released a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade, officially named Treo 750/750v Updater 2.18, for European-based Vodafone Treo 750v smartphones. This English-only update is available for immediate download if you own a Vodafone UK, Netherlands, or Ireland Treo 750v. According the the Palm website, a generic non branded update for the Treo 750 is “coming soon.”

What the Update Does

This update installs Windows Mobile 6 Professional on the Treo 750 and installs an update to address loss of system sounds. According to the Palm website, it also includes the following enhancements:

  • Improved Calendar management with enhanced User Interface
  • Enhanced E-mail messaging, HTML/Smart Filtering, SharePoint access and more
  • Voice command via Bluetooth
  • USB cable charging

Important Safety Considerations

Before you apply this update, there are some important things you need to know before you start. Ensure that you read and understand the following:

  • You can only download this update once. As soon as you download it to your computer, strongly consider burning the download to CD or making a backup copy or two. (You will be prompted to enter your device’s serial number to begin the download.)
  • There is no way to revert back to Windows Mobile 5.
  • If you are using the BlackBerry Connect (BBC) software on your Windows Mobile 5 Treo 750v, DO NOT install this update. Palm’s implementation of Windows Mobile 6 does not support BlackBerry Connect.
  • This upgrade is only being made available to customers until October 31, 2008.

System Requirements

To install this update, you will need to be running Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, or Windows Vista. You will also need Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 if you are not running Windows Vista. Vista customers will use Windows Mobile Device Manager to synchronize their Treo with the computer.

More Information and Downloads

You can read the full documentation for this update and access the download links from the Palm website.

What About US Treo 750 Customers?

Brighthand is reporting that Treo 750 customers who use AT&T will have to wait until September for the update to become available. No further details were made available.


Companion or Stand Alone Product

Ever since Palm announced the Foleo back in May they have been fighting an uphill battle to try and convince people that the Foleo is not a sub-notebook or Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC).

So while I’m waiting for my chance to buy my Foleo, I have to wonder if Palm should just go with the flow as it where and market the Foleo for what is is being perceived as: a light weight Linux notebook.

Palm wouldn’t have to take anything away from the Foleo being a great companion product for the company’s smartphones. What they would be gaining, after some shoring up in the software department, is a new market of customers who would use the Foleo as a mobile computer.

What do you think? Click the Comments link below and let us know.


Is this the Centro?

Gizmodo is running what appears to be a press photo of the upcoming Centro smartphone for Sprint this morning.

Wow, what a difference from the blurry photos we’ve seen previously. This thing looks really good! I was under the impression that the black device was going to be the Windows Mobile version that has been rumored to be floating around, but this photo clearly shows the standard Palm hardware buttons around the navigator ring. (The other tip off that this is not a Windows Mobile device is the lack of the Windows key. Stay tuned, there could be a Windows Mobile version still in the works.)

Read the full Gizmodo article


The Boy Genius Report seems to have a listing of the Centro SKU and full retail pricing posted. It looks like the Centro will be selling for $399.99 without a new service contract.

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InfoWorld: Palm Says the Foleo is on Target

A new InfoWorld article out today reads:

“As stated on May 30, U.S. availability for the Palm Foleo mobile companion will begin this summer. We will let you know if this changes,” said Jim Christensen, Palm’s director of communications.”

I’ve been reading InfoWorld magazine for years now and I’ve come to trust their reporting. In the “yes-it-is/no-it-isn’t” ping pong game that has been going on about the Foleo, I’m inclined to err on the side of optimism and place my bet on the Foleo shipping before October of this year. We’ll see if I’m right or not.

Read the full InfoWorld article


Rumor Mill: The Foleo is Still on Target

OK, there has been a lot of speculation this week about whether or not Palm is delaying the Foleo to work on software bugs and enhancements.

Today, Ryan Kairer over at PalmInfoCenter posted a short article indicating that,

“A Palm spokesperson has told PalmInfocenter that the company is still standing by its original timeframe originally announced back in May, saying “U.S. availability for the Palm Foleo mobile companion will begin this summer.”

So the question that every Foleo Fanatic has on his or her mind is: Is the Foleo delayed or not? I wish I knew, but I still have no idea which rumor is closer to the truth at this point. My only hope is that Palm pre-announces the release date a few days, maybe a week, in advance to I can plan to be at the New York Palm Store when it opens so I can get my hands on one with in the first 15 minutes of it being available.

Read PIC’s full article


Barron’s – Over Simplification

Ben Combee has been spotted on the message boards again. This time he is commenting on the #comments blog story regarding the recent Barron’s article (details) about the Foleo’s apparent delay.

Ben writes:

“I can’t talk much about when we’re launching yet, but I can say that the comments in Barron’s are a major simplification of what’s been happening this summer. We’re not stupid; we’ve been working on lots of complicated sync issues on lots of phones for the last year, including testing with a wide range of Treo devices. The issues haven’t been “it doesn’t sync”, but more like “after syncing large numbers of emails over a four day time period, the operation fails 25% of the time and cannot restart without resetting the device.” We’ve been doing lots of stress testing, and sometimes that finds problems that have been hidden for a while or problems that are really hard to debug because of the need to setup a reproducible case with instrumentation.”

OK, I’m feeling better about this. I think Ben goes out of his way to show that Palm is working long and hard to ensure that the Foleo launch goes smoothly and without any software issues.